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This is just perfect…
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this is such an asshole pic of him I’m laughing so hard.
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Maybe this year the Easter Bunny can take the day off and we can celebrate with the Easter Snake instead. Meet Crescent, or in this case “Bunny Crescent”, Canadian DeviantARTist NocturneJewel's leucistic Texas Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoletus). She’s almost 9 years old, just over 4 feet long, and is probably better suited to hide Easter eggs simply by swallowing them, rather than trying to hide them for the rest of us to find. But we don’t mind.

NocturneJewel had a seamstress friend make this cute pair of bunny ears for Cresent, who apparently didn’t mind wearing them, but only had to do so long enough to take these awesome photos.

[via Neatorama]

It’s Excellently Eccentric Easter Day on Geyser of Awesome!

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- | via Tumblr su We Heart It.
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[Han’s Corner] 不安の種 || Seeds of Anxiety by Masaaki Nakayama
Summary (from Manga Reader)

A collection of very short and mostly atmospheric stories dealing with urban legends, ghosts, and superstitions all organized around a specific theme. Some are just two pages long.

I was searching for a psychological manga and ended up with Seeds of Anxiety. So I decided to give it a try and OMG.
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this thing. This thing right there will give you serious creeps even though it doesn’t make much sense.
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I need a sign from another light 👽
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